Wix vs Squarespace

Wix vs Squarespace

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Wix vs Squarespace


The niche of web constructors is expanding at a steady rate. More and more new players hit the market offering fresh and polished features to all the customers for affordable costs. However, there are two giants that have been present in the field for years and have millions of admirers in different parts of the world. Even beginners should have definitely heard their names - these are the globally-known Squarespace and Wix. 


Each of these constructing systems has a dizzying number of mod utilities and welcome the users with flawless functionality. Still, many customers are puzzled by the eternal question about a better web designing tool. Wix or Squarespace? Who is the winner in the battle of builders? Is Wix or Squarespace better? Let’s compare the facts and features to choose the leader of the game in 2020. 

Wix vs Squarespace: the primary differences

When it comes to collating two completely different constructors, we should first mention that both alternatives are win-win solutions for those searching for a pretty easy web building service. Wix is supposed to be a bit easier service but Squarespace is still an understandable and brilliant utility with the right-on interface. Wix has a more advanced library of pre-designed pages while its main competitor can boast to have only perfectly polished templates. To get a clearer picture of the builders’ performance, we will need to compare Wix and Squarespace tools and options one by one. 

Is Wix better than Squarespace? Comparing the GUI 

The first aspect to start our comparison is checking the usability of both builders. For this feature, Wix leaves its competitor behind and gets the first star. The fact is that the design of the editor and dashboard with all the utilities is significantly simplified. You just click the tool, and it appears right on your web page. 


However, many users believe Wix is too loaded with functions most of them don’t use. If you want to play with designs, switch tons of templates, or just get excited with a whopping number of design opportunities, Wix is here to help. Those, who prefer a simpler dashboard with a larger number of stylish tricks, will find Squarespace to be a leader. 


It should be noted that Wix has a slap-up ADI function of site configuration. The app advertises its unique feature based on Artificial Intelligence. Is it true or false? Generally, the program supports crafting a site using the photos and information you provide in social media accounts. Just allow the service to get access to your data and see what happens next. This function will surely make wonders for creative people who want to share their portfolios with the public via a personal website. For example, you will not need to download media or copy and paste the important information from your profiles to your website. 

Flexibility: trying the designs and styles 

Wix is the famed constructor that can assist you in doing everything you want to try in web building. So, Wix vs Square space - which one will bear away? Although Squarespace has the same operating principle, its analog has a cleaner editor. Furthermore, Wix has absolute freedom of placing the elements anywhere you can imagine on your page. This allows creating even the most innovative, breakthrough, and creative designs by original minds.


Squarespace has a more structured system of dropping elements that will take care of the impeccable design of your project. If you are not sure about your design skills but want to follow the latest trends in site construction, this type of software will suit you better. 


As for the number of templates, Wix is carrying the leadership. It has a fabulous number of 500+ predesigned web pages. Squarespace has only 70 templates you can make use of. But what if we tell you that you can’t switch off Wix templates after your project goes live? That is surely a bit disappointing. Using Squarespace is not likely to cause you such problems. You can effortlessly readjust templates on your website whenever you need for thousands of times. Both platforms get four stars from five for flexibility. 

Wix vs Squarespace 2020: the features

Creating a personal web project is always entertaining and exciting. After you have finished crafting the nuts and bolts of your site, you will surely start looking for something to make your site sparkling with unique features. This is where you will need advanced tools. You might need image carousels, features for adding video and animation, as well as discover even more colors and designs for your website. 


To begin with, Wix is a constructor that offers the entire ABC for site constructing embedded right in its editor. These tools might be enough for building a stunning web solution without any extra programs. Those, who want to try even a larger number of designing options, can refer to the Wix app market. This is an immense environment where you can opt for various free and paid applications for your project. Some apps are crafted by Wix developers, while there are also tons of services offered by third-party programmers. The total number of apps on the market has currently reached 200. A wide choice, isn’t it?


Squarespace can’t blow its own trumpet for having a separate market of apps. The platform has all the needed tools collected in the editor’s interface. Thus, you can manage and enrich your site right from the main dashboard with no need to shop around on the other services. 


Both the quality and quantity of the tools presented in the popular constructors will suit even the most exacting customers. 

E-commerce: what to expect from the builders? 

Millions of people are crafting their websites for making money. If you are one of those who are planning to create a personal online store and boom the market with physical/digital products or services, you will need to keep in mind the tools offered by the famous constructing platforms. 


Ecommerce packages and plans are designed for those users who are searching for a handy builder to craft their online selling projects. So, let’s compare Squarespace vs Wix to explore the utilities found in each constructor developed for this audience. 


Wix welcomes its perspective users with three different plans for creating e-commerce projects. The great thing about them is that all subscriptions allow selling online with no commission on sales, allow hooking up different payment options for customers, and use tools of Google Analytics. You also have enough storage (up to 50 GB) to sell tons of various items online. Feel free to use the detailed descriptions, as well as download product photos and videos to your store. 


Squarespace is also a neat service for businesses. The platform has three different subscriptions for future vendors. The first one is the top choice for small shops that are likely to sell several items. The others are crafted for big businesses with hundreds of various products to carry. The cool thing is that you have no limit on storage space for your online market. Thus, you can deal with thousands of items, provide your customers with exceptionally detailed descriptions with media. Moreover, the service has recently started cooperation with Square and now allows making offline purchases with no efforts. However, get ready to pay up to 3% commission for selling online with Squarespace. 


Both constructors support adding different payment methods and stock management. However, Wix wins one more star because of a 0% commission on sales. 

Top builder for blogging 

Blogging continues to be among the top trends worldwide. Moreover, creating a personal blog is now as easy as never before. You don’t need to search for any tools and functions separately from your favorite constructors - both of them are powered with tons of blogging utilities for your convenience. 


Squarespace is prominent for its stunning designs and reputed blogging functionality. For example, you can have multiple authors to run your blog, divide posts into various categories, and use handy schedule-sharing tools for easy and successful blogging. The platform enables its users to supplement the blog with creative media with high resolution for premium user experience. 


Unlike Squarespace, Wix has a limited number of built-in blogging utilities. Fortunately, it has a distinguished application developed right for bloggers. Wix Blog is completely free for all users. The application surprises its users with a great number of functions for professional blogging. You can manage several writers in a blog, switch on brilliant layouts, and link social media accounts to your blog. 


Wix and Squarespace are both famed solutions when it comes to blogging. You will not regret using any of these builders for your blog. 

Marketing: comparing the two builders

There is nothing new that creating and running marketing campaigns is an inevitable part of any business process. Powerful marketing utilities allow owners and professional marketers to promote their products and boost sales by reaching a wider audience. Moreover, successful campaigns can turn your visitors into clients with no need to spend lots of money on ads. 


Functions that are related to marketing is a significant part of Wix tools. You can create and send newsletters, grab the interest of your prospective clients, and track the statistics of your marketing campaigns. Moreover, there are also impressive tools for sharing your content on various social media. 

Wix includes a number of utilities that will satisfy any expert marketer or business owner: 

  • Tracker of statistics: discover the freshest data about the number of users who opened your emails and clicked them for further information

  • Saving and managing contacts: the database of your clients is available in a single click

  • Email editor: change the style of you e-letters to make them more clickable 

It’s nice to know that any package at Wix (including a free one), allows sending up to 5,000 emails per month. For those looking for more powerful marketing tools, there is a Wix Ascend solution. This one is developed for big businesses and allow automating lots of marketing processes.

Squarespace gains the world fame with its stunning and polished marketing campaigns. There is no need to hire a pro marketer to run your campaigns - Squarespace tools offer everything needed for miraculously successful strategies and campaigns in the area of marketing. 

Unfortunately, the Email Campaign feature is not free on this constructor. You can launch a campaign during the trial period and see what happens next. In case you are satisfied with the results, you can buy a tool’s full version (the extra expenses vary from $5 to $50) 

Here is a list of features you can make use of with Squarespace:

  • Track marketing results with advanced analytics utilities

  • Play with up to 30 layouts

  • Send automated e-letters to your contacts

  • Send up to 50,000 letters in a single campaign 

Wix help center vs Squarespace support

According to the official Wix website, it has several ways to get help when using the service. The first thing a user who faced any issues should start is a Knowledge Center, where there are dozens of answers to the most common questions. The other handy option is sending an email to the support team or use forums to get assistance faster. You can also call Wix managers and get help via phone (the line is opened only during the business hours) Currently, there is no online chat feature. 


According to the reviews of many users, the support team is difficult to reach. Fortunately, Wix offers special packages that allow getting Premium support within the shortest terms. However, these plans are more expensive than others. You can also find all the required information on social media or dedicated forums since Wix has a whopping community with millions of users all over the world. 


Squarespace is also good for its support system. Moreover, it is more impressive and much faster than its competitors. It has an advanced Knowledge Center will all the necessary information split into various categories. This makes your search for the required solution extremely easy. Furthermore, the builder has a modern live chat function during business hours. Although you can’t call the team to solve your issues, you will always get a reply to your online query within one hour! This feature makes Squarespace an outstanding and the most user-friendly service. 

Squarespace vs Wix pricing policies

The pricing policy of both builders looks similar from the first glance. The more functions and options you want to get, the pricier the plan you will need to purchase. Let’s take a more detailed view of the policies offered by the famous builders. 

Squarespace plans

The platform has an understandable and very clear pricing policy. You have only four packages to choose from. The higher the price, the more freedom of editing and richer functionality you get. The platform offers you a nice discount in case you pay annually rather than monthly. This means you can save money (up to 25%) by purchasing a plan for a longer period. 


The Personal plan that is the cheapest one will cost you only $12 paid monthly. This option is great for small projects for personal use, portfolios, and fresh solutions that are not expected to attract millions of visitors. The other plans, starting from $26 to $46 per month are more professional alternatives that allow selling online and crafting powerful e-commerce solutions to attract a large number of customers. 


The service has a 2-weeks free trial so any user can try using constructor to make sure it is really brilliant. 

Wix plans

The Wix pricing policy is a bit more complicated. It has nine different packages available to all the users. Moreover, it grabs a large audience with its free plan with excellent marketing options. The plans can be divided into two big groups - General Website subscriptions and Business (Enterprise) subscriptions. 


One of the most inexpensive Wix packages is called Combo and will cost you just $13 per month. The other plans are also affordable and are sold out from $17 to $47 monthly payments. 


Both Wix and Squarespace have reasonable pricing and provide customers with rich functionality and great options. 

Squarespace vs Wix: the ultimate winner

Actually, the winning constructor depends on your needs. Who should use Wix and who will take Squarespace’s advantage? 


Newbie users are likely to pick up Wix due to its comfortable interface and ease of use. All the tools are located right under your fingertips. You don’t need to learn how to use it for hours - GUI intuitively understandable. No worries for people with 0 technical knowledge. 


Squarespace is for inspired and creative spirits. In case you value beauty and brilliant design, the application will never disappoint you. Crafting a magnificent site is much easier with Squarespace. 

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