Wix vs GoDaddy

 Wix vs GoDaddy

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Wix vs GoDaddy

Both Wix and GoDaddy appear to be affordable site makers. Wix is more universal. It provides somewhat original control, more functions, as well as methods to obtain support. GoDaddy, though, appears to be rather faster. It takes over most of the work, implying the user might acquire a website live is several minutes. 

The platforms make the procedure of making a site smooth and unconstrained. We will further review what are the primary distinctions between these builders. Also, we will examine whether one builder is better than another, and what is the most suitable variant for every single user. We establish great demands as far as gathering reviews and analyzing are concerned. We utilize a comprehensive survey and customer testing to perform an expert assessment. 

There are a couple of excellent variants as far as making an exclusive site is concerned, and they are - Wix GoDaddy. We will further review how both website builders function, their strengths and shortcomings. Eventually, the customer will be able to smoothly choose either Wix or Godaddy for his needs.

Wix vs. GoDaddy User-friendliness 


Both website builders state that users can make a site without knowing the scripting languages. Undoubtedly, it is a fact. No reason to install or update and the development is performed through drag-and-drop. Incredibly easy to change fonts, pictures, and shades. What is more, once the user requires support, both builders provide excellent guides, as well as a backup opportunity since his site collapses. If one doubts whether he can build Wix on Godaddy, here is a solution. He may launch his Wix site to his unique tailor-made domain by GoDaddy through utilizing Wix's paid subscriptions.

Needless to mention that GoDaddy submits lesser options. In its turn, it is beneficial since it implies the builder is simpler to master for entire newbies. However, if someone wishes somewhat more features, Wix would fir better. 

Conquerer: Equal score. Since the user may perform fewer with Godaddy, it is more manageable to run, though more restricted. Wix, though, is undoubtedly complex. Yet, incredibly straightforward to utilize, and thereby, it must not cause any issues, even to beginners.

Design Versatility


The design appears to be everything about the look and user-friendliness of any site. Everyone wishes somewhat that looks attractive, though as well manageable.

Wix operates by offering more than five hundred patterns for a user to pick. Those are classified into such niches as 'Music' or 'Travel' and might be viewed in advance, as well as tested formerly to carrying out. Wix's redactor provides drag-and-drop functions after that. It reminds of PowerPoint  - to shift an item, one needs to snap and retain, move it to the desired area, and release.

GoDaddy functions oppositely. It exploits what is termed as ADI to make a site. It seems complex, though it is not - it implies that this builder will outline a website grounded on replies the user submits.

For instance, the website builder asks: "What does the aim of your site appear to be? Do you possess a current site? Are there any public network profiles you would like to show?"

Afterward, the website builder will construct the website on his own. 

The editor turns out to be comparatively straightforward. It does not operate with drag-and-drop in contrast to the previous site builder, though one may personalize the items of his website from the dashboard.

How do these site builders relate?

Needless to mention that Wix owns an ADI outcome as well. It operates the same as GoDaddy's one, though one does not obtain an equal level of editing supervision as he does with Wix's primary redactor.

We advised with a team of professional web developers, who admitted that Wix provides better patterns. They assumed every Wix’s template appeared to be visually more attractive, and rather easier to create your own. However, one should bear in mind that when he launches his site with Wix, he will not be capable of changing the patterns anymore.

Wix's designs seem considerably better than GoDaddy's ones. Wix owns a more complete editor, as well as a larger selection of patterns which are classified by the field. In its turn, GoDaddy's editing id not complicated, though it appears to restricted. Wix is for monitoring, whereas GoDaddy is for performance.

Wix vs GoDaddy: Strengths and Shortcomings


We are going to analyze Wix versus GoDaddy pluses and minuses, and we shall start from Wix. 

Wix pluses:

  • Nearly unlimited art direction due to the dragging and dropping redactor;

  • The most valued site makers out of our custom testing.

Wix minuses:

  • The user can not change patterns once his website got launched;

  • The customer suffers from ads on the free-of-charge tariff plan.

GoDaddy positives and negatives

GoDaddy positives:

  • The user can obtain a site launched in some minutes;

  • Excellent embedded SEO instruments.

GoDaddy negatives:

  • There is no application market provided by the platform;

  • Restricted art direction.

Functions and Instruments


Functions are what indeed divide the standard builders from the premium ones. What one may and may not perform on every site maker is essential for his ultimate choice. Creating a website appears to be an excellent starting point, though once a customer wishes more features, he will have to attach a plugin, a runnable code-fragment, and others. Therefore, reviewing some distinct areas, let's dig into which features these two site builders possess.


Both site makers are not developed to be utilized merely for creating the Internet shops, though one might trade the commodities on any of the platforms. Let's begin with the electronic business features these platforms submit:

  • The capacity to trade unrestricted types and amount of commodities;

  • Trade both material or numeric products;

  • Make settlements safely via such gateways as Square and PayPal;

  • No transfer costs inflicted by site makers;

  • Mobile applications for running an online shop on the run;

  • Multiple variants of delivery and bookkeeping;

  • Reduction and trading codes.

A single e-business feature GoDaddy provides compared to Wix is neglected cart restoration. It is where users might send electronic mails to the clients who placed the products in the users' carts, though left former to the checkouts.

2. Blogging

Wix provides somewhat better conditions for making a weblog. One may classify his weblog publications, social markers, monitor efficiency, as well as enter commentary block and search panel. GoDaddy provides division of sections. One might as well make a web feed for his weblog, and thereby, individuals might subscribe to it. However, one can not attach commentary block and search function.

3. E-mail marketing

With Wix, one may make his electronic mail account particular to his domain. It also owns integrable instruments that are accessible via some application software. It makes it smooth to make, broadcast, as well as partake electronic mail promotion campaigns with the customers.

GoDaddy's email functions appear to be completely embedded. Moreover, it owns its specialized service, though it is provided at an extra cost besides the regular payment the user makes.

GoDaddy vs. Wix Search Engine Optimization


SEO appears to be difficult, particularly for newbies. Fortunately, both site builders allow users to perceive the fundamentals of their SEO Wizards. Interestingly, both of them own equal names, as well as assist improve tags and meta-tags and text. Whereas it seems an excellent beginning, one will require robust tactics, though, in contrast with public opinion, it is not impracticable to grade higher with site makers. For the technical mindset, a solid fantasy is that Google owns problems with indexing websites based on AJAX (e.g., Wix). It turns out to be untruth as Google manifests.

GoDaddy SEO:

  • Excellent SEO Wiz;

  • The headline arrangement is not continually reasonable. It seems odd. 

Wix SEO:

  • SEO Wizard appears to be high-grade as well;

  • One will obtain several problems while changing the name of the image files.

Conqueror: Both site builders perform fairly well, though they own insignificant issues. Undoubtedly, an equal score.

What Are the Reliable Alternative Options to Wix and GoDaddy?


When considering Wix vs Godaddy web builder alternatives, needless to mention they are not the exclusive site makers on the market. There are multiple options for them. In case any of the platforms have not pleased the customer, he can observe the alternatives listed below.


In case someone needs remarkable designs, then they will not discover anything more suitable than Squarespace. It provides the highest quality patterns, alongside excellent functions to correspond. Costs begin with twelve dollars for a month, and it deserves every penny. It seems somewhat complicated to work with than Wix. Moreover, it will require much time to set up, though it undoubtedly deserves additional attempts.


It appears to be a reliable site maker with straightforward, fashionable patters, as well as multiple functions. It appears to be the most affordable builder to begin trading through the Internet. Furthermore, it perfectly suits for smaller enterprises or portfolios. Likewise, Wix, this site maker provides a free-of-charge package, and its costs begin with merely twelve dollars for a month. It submits more structure within the patters than Wix, and thereby, it is ideal once someone wishes more supervision over his design selections.

SITE 123

Once someone requires complete uniformity as well as quality client assistance, he should test this site builder. With perfect live chat help, it fits the newbies who need assistance throughout an entire process. What is more, this platform utilizes design help to make the development of primary websites swift and smooth. One may register at a costless package or pay ten-point eighty for a month premium package. Also, the user should not hope to get strong functions and much creative liberty, though if it is user-friendliness that he needs, this site builder is an excellent option to consider.

Customer Assistance and Support


Even though both builders appear to be user-friendly, any customer may encounter a circumstance that demands help. So let’s review the Godaddy website builder vs Wix customer support aspect. Both platforms offer costless assistance, even with low-cost or free-of-charge packages. 

GoDaddy Client Assistance:

  • The Assistance Hub embraces the most standard inquiries. There is also a fellowship forum where users may ask any questions; 

  • The British-speaking telephone assistance is online round-the-clock. They work globally, and thereby, members may call them regardless of their whereabouts.

Wix Client Aid:

  • The FAQ is everyone's initial stop. A comprehensive data bank which solves general problems well enough.

  • One might reach Wix through electronic mail. The replies never require much time, though contingent on the subject, the excellence can differ;

  • Wix provides a call-me-back option, though it does not appear to be a round-the-clock service; 

  • VIP packages shall offer quicker assistance. It seems fine, though it does not ensure a solution to the issue. 

  • There is an opportunity to ask for brand-new functions, and thereby, one may continually expect his idea will be performed next.

Conquerer: Identical. Indeed, we conducted a complete support test and discovered that Wix's replies were better. However, GoDaddy provides more live assistance polls, so it is contingent on how one likes to reach client assistance.

Pricing and Quality-Price Ratio


Wix owns a free-of-charge tariff plan, seven premium packages varying from thirteen to forty-nine for a month - the three costliest plans permit online commerce.

GoDaddy provides four packages as well as a one-month complimentary period, with costs varying from ten to twenty-five for a month (if invoiced periodically). Affordable prices get reduced continually. 

Wix owns a completely free-of-charge package. One may create and issue his site for free. Undoubtedly, it occurs due to the advertisements on the user's website, as well as in his subdomain (www.mysite.wix.com).

GoDaddy does not provide a costless package, though it submits a one-month free period. It must be much time for a member to determine if it suits him or not.

Pricing at Wix

The site builder owns four non-profit packages as well as three commercial ones, varying from thirteen to forty-nine dollars per month.

This site makes provides a costless plan, as well as seven paid plans for a user to select from. The four most affordable packages fir the sites, whereas the four resting suit for the Internet shops.

The more one spends, the more he obtains. All paid packages do not have ads, provide users with a unique domain, and guarantee at least one gigabyte of traffic capacity. The widespread Wix's plan is the Unlimited one for fourteen dollars per month.

Prices at GoDaddy

The site builder provides four tariff plans, and one of them provides commercial functions. Those vary from ten to twenty-five dollars per month, as well as personalized for various requirements.

It seems evident, though once someone wishes a custom website, the Basic plan will fit most. Since it is a startup, the user will wish to examine the Standard and Premium packages. They provide customers with plentiful functions - for example, more promotional campaigns for a month. Any of the packages comprise a marketing tool termed as Insight, and it utilizes the information to submit a recommendation on how the user might enhance his online performance. It is embedded in his package, with such crucial functions as SSL safety.

When reviewing wix.com vs Godaddy pricing factor, needless to mention that Wix provides a better quality-price ratio compared to the latter platform. The latter is more affordable, though, Wix's packages offer more bounce for your ounce. Wix owns more functions as well as more general excellence, making its packages more beneficial. Besides, it has a costless package, and thereby, if the user wishes to make a site at a cut-price, he does not have to spend much money.

Wix or GoDaddy: Summing Up


On the whole, there is no doubt that Wix appears to be a more powerful applicant. Their site builder provides more versatility - for styling and functions. Entire supervision over dragging and dropping redactor makes it somewhat robust. Lesser features imply a lesser likelihood that the user will blunder something. It is continually contingent on the type of site one requires. However, let's further review when it is better to pick either Wix or GoDaddy.

  • When to select GoDaddy to Wix:

  1. The user wishes the most affordable tariff plan without advertisements on his site;

  2. The customer requires a straightforward method of constructing his website;

  3. The user is currently a GoDaddy user and exploits their marketing services.

  • When to select Wix:

  1. The user wishes entire supervision over his site styling;

  2. He is looking at a strong Internet shop joined to his site;

The customer will require to append more functions as time passes by, with the help of quality Application Market.


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