Weebly vs Wix

Weebly vs Wix

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Weebly vs Wix

Today, more than a hundred million users all over the world use either of the mentioned in this article: Wix website builder & Weebly website builder. Either engine is quite similar in functionality & they have improved over the past years. Today, we are going to compare Wix and Weebly deeper in order to determine, which engine might be better for differing purposes.

Wix versus Weebly: which online building tool is better?

A quick summary before we start: we’ve found that in the opposition of Wix vs Weebly 2020, Wix is slightly better in design, scoring a few points over Weebly editor. There are some areas, where Weebly wins but overall, Wix today is the choice of most people who are starting their own online spot because of bigger choice of templates & functions, as well as freedom of work in it. Surely, Wix has own flaws (like the impossibility to change the template of the site once it is chosen, stacking of tools on the screen in editing mode, which distract from the picture of the site & overwhelm a lot of users, the impossibility to inject your own HTML code should you desire to improve farther in the features of design or functionality than its plugins allow & you cannot download your site on your iOS/Android/Windows device if you desire to move it to some other web building or hosting lorry) but they are undoubtedly not critical for beginners in site-making activity, who only need to establish a good-looking site swiftly.

The ease of use: why Wix wins in this?

Is Wix or Weebly better in the ease of use? Well, either engine is a drag-and-drop redactor, which allows just anyone to register, pick a theme for the future online spot & use only their mouse to pick elements from the menu & drop them onto the working area of the page, shifting & resizing them. But Weebly has more rigidness, limiting the areas of most elements from the point of view how they all can be positioned whilst Wix has withdrawn such limits since 2014 (we know they were enacted for sure as we used Wix in 2014 already & remember that the same essential limits Weebly engine has in design today, Wix had back then). Now, any item on the menu in Wix that is dropped on the web page can be dropped anywhere: object, menu, text, picture, active element, subscription form… Wix is easier to use because it perennially has a menu under your hand (which, depending on the menu level, is positioned on the left but can be also on top as sub-menu). This is not user-friendly at all times as when it comes to editing the picture on the back, Wix prohibits you to view the whole picture while Weebly hides all menus, leaving you the pure picture, 100% visible, allowing you to make alterations in Weebly. Also, the biggest drawback of Wix is that it will not alter the iOS/Android version of your online site as you do alterations in the desktop version of it: you’ll have to do it again there, too. That means the double work, which may cause (due to human factor) discrepancies in the design between the two versions.

Wix or Weebly: flexibility of the design that one gets in the outcome

In Wix, you can alter objects on the page to nearly any size & shape you desire & move them pixel by pixel. Weebly does not allow the first but allows the second. In Weebly, the menu is taken off the screen by the redactor itself when the user operates with the entire page & its picture on the back or views the iOS/Android & desktop versions of the site in Weebly. In Wix, the menu nearly perennially stays on the screen, taking some part of it, which is not super convenient. The variants of design in Wix are so many that they are overwhelming to a big part of users, especially novice ones. But due to this, those of them who have been using Wix + Weebly, reveal that they feel as if Weebly is the ‘cut’ version of Wix in terms of the design & that the user ‘hits the glass ceiling in some moments with Weebly where Wix gives complete freedom.’ In Wix, you are able to choose from hundreds of free themes in tens of categories of your future site (and thousands more of them are paid). In Weebly, the choice is definitely not that big but a few hundred free themes collectively are still present, which cover over 95% of the needs of beginning users. In Wix, there is also the functionality of artificial design intelligence, which allows building up your online spot from scratch automatically within minutes based on your essential input data, whilst Weebly does not offer that.

Features & tools that users can find in Wix + Weebly

Both Wix + Weebly offer a variety of engines to customize the look & functionality of your online spot. Weebly is considered in this matter a more organized engine, as Weebly offers: More built-in tools, which, unlike Wix, do not heavily rely on integration with third-party apps, as they are in-house solutions E-commerce & blogging are more advanced in Weebly (for instance, significantly lesser manual managing, the possibility of more or less efficient bulk management, whilst in Wix, there is no bulk management at all & every alteration to every page with your merch that you’ve established is manual, so if you have thousands of merch items on sale through Wix-built site, you’ll have to deal with thousands of pages manually if anything changes, which is practically impossible) In Wix, there are a lot of renewals of existing tools & new ones added – not only by the team of the engine but also by other people who collaborate with Wix to deliver various functionality. Surely, either online spot builders allow you to add & alter headers, video, audio, images, texts, active elements, forms, the picture on the back, surveys, RSVP forms, play with fonts, make scrolls, add maps, testimonials & business features such as orders, payments, cart management (but usually, no abandoned cart management comes cheap). But the difference in what they offer (especially in Wix vs Weebly eCommerce) only becomes obvious to advanced users, which strive to deep details that make difference, not to beginners, which make the biggest share of users of Wix.

Wix vs Weebly: e-commerce functionality in either of those online tools

No doubt, Weebly is vividly more powerful than Wix in e-commerce. While Wix + Weebly offer online sales functionality, in Wix, everything is managed manually & there is no good admin engine to manage items on sale. Surely, if one would like the best variation on the market – it is better to use Shopify or BigCommerce (if you have hundreds or thousands of merch items & desire to manage everything with efforts of just one person). But if you’re building something small-sized like a store with up to 200 items, it’s perennially better to opt for Weebly than for Wix for those grounds: making online orders (with a possibility to pick up in the brick-and-mortar store) using & tracking discount tickets see stats, performance & sales under different angles shopping cart is integrated fully into all sale processes secure checkout (which means the implementation of PCI DSS requirements for cards online payment safety & relevant means for the protection of other channels of payments like generating the secure one-time password, etc.) tracking & managing the inventory it is possible to sell either physical & digital products. But even if you don’t find Weebly’s functionality enough for you, you can integrate some third-party solutions to broaden it. From the described variety of variants, what Wix software really has is secure checkout, discount tickets & order tracking + management. And it heavily relies on third-party apps to make an online store (which are mostly paid rather than free if you really need a good set of workable variants, which are going to make the customer experience on your online store smooth).

What about marketing?

Marketing engines are all destined to make your customers to not only see your newly built website but also actually use it & come back. Weebly Promote & Wix Shoutout options allow setting up mailing campaigns to inform customers. Wix also offers over 200 mostly paid apps to strengthen your marketing abilities, while Weebly offers over 300 of them (with around 50 of them coming for free). Wix + Weebly regularly renew own apps. The apps we’re talking about will help the site owner to: add to e-commerce functionality arrange communication channels & social media integration add extra strength to marketing set stats & analysis. Before starting using apps in Wix + Weebly, choose them based on existing reviews & ratings. Through the apps in Wix + Weebly, for instance, you can add to your marketing efforts such things as integrated calendars, automated reminders, group sessions, set up the member login area & have a hand on campaigns.

Which tool is better in terms of SEO, allowing reaching the Google top?

SEO is necessary when you’re planning to make your online spot to get into Google’s database & be indexed there. SEO is a kinda touchy area of activity & many details come into play to make your site become visible to potential visitors. Thus, you definitely need to set up the unique Title & Meta Description for each page & include keywords. Also, the text relevance, usefulness, structure & clarity make importance, as well as its headings, lists & links-references to other online spots. It is desirable that pictures have alt descriptions, be optimal for all speeds of the Internet of users (too heavy ones & not having pictures for different screen resolutions will negatively affect the rating in the search). In the battle of Wix vs Weebly SEO, there are no winners, as either engine allows management of SEO of the site, including comprehensible guides on what to do & how to do. However, Wix does not go beyond what it can, as well as Weebly – they do not guarantee you any outcome. We have a strong feeling that if you really need fantastic SEO outcome, you should not use any ready-made drag-and-drop redactor like Wix or Weebly & should establish a site from the ground embedding SEO pieces of advice into it that are significantly underwhelming in either Wix + Weebly. However, all the basics are possible using Weebly & Wix. Weebly even connects you to Google & is capable of creating an individual SEO plan, following which rigidly, you’re already better than many sites over there.

Help & Support in Wix + Weebly: where you are more helped?

Wix is all-good in help & support but the live chat, which is sometimes so urgently needed. However, you can use phone support in all plans in Wix, read anything you like from a very extensive knowledge base of Wix & receive amazing on-page support of Wix – it all comes in all plans (but the trial period sometimes). In contrast, in Weebly, phone support is not immediately available to everyone – only to high-grade paid plans. The rest is available 24/7: chat, online knowledge base, e-mail, social media assistance. If you do not have enough of the mentioned (although they cover 100% of potential needs), you can safely resort to google & find numerous help online, which is supported by enthusiasts & teams of Wix + Weebly. There, on numerous forums for Wix + Weebly, you can find help in nearly any question that one may encounter, would it be specific or general. Many such help forums for Wix + Weebly (and built-in databases of help centers of Weebly & Wix) offer you not only the textual description of the solution to your issue but also show in screenshots the sequence of actions, which is amazingly helpful.

Weebly vs Wix cost

When it comes to pricing, both engines have several variants that depend on what exactly one desires (what functions one strives to see online established by Weebly + Wix). Remember: Weebly isn’t directly accessible from all territories of our planet – as it does not work in some of them. Weebly offers these subscription plans: Free (only 0.5 gigabytes of storage, SSL security & Weebly-branded domain name, SEO + creation of some forms). For 5 bucks a month, you will have the mentioned + a possibility to bind an existing site’s name. Disbursing 12 bucks a month, you get everything in Weebly as in the previous & large list of extras: $100 value to be spent on Google ads, any storage volume in Weebly storage, no Weebly ads on the pages of your online spot, the functionality of Weebly site search, e-commerce (3 basic variants given by Weebly), advanced site stats & phone support by Weebly’s team. Disbursing 25 bucks for the ‘Business’ plan of Weebly, you get all the same as in previous + nearly all available functions in e-commerce & all power of marketing & support. Finally, disbursing Weebly 38 bucks a month, you add the mentioned functionality with real-time shipment tracking & managing the abandoned cart. In Wix, prices fluctuate on whether you’re located in the Euro-zone or Dollar-zone – the numbers you should pay will be denominated thus in euros or bucks (we indicate bucks in this article). What Wix does is that it limits its users of two most low-grade subscription plans in bandwidth per month, to remove which, you should upgrade in Wix to at least $12.5 a month. The plans of Wix are: $4.50 for basic with 0.5 gigabytes of storage & connecting your site’s name. In the plan for eight-fifty, you get bigger storage & no ads. For the cost of twelve-fifty, some extra apps become free to you + 10 gigabytes of storage. For 24.50 a month, you get 20 gigabytes of storage, better support & more free apps. For those desiring to establish an online store, three variants are available ranging from 17 to 35 bucks a month.

Conclusion. So is it Wix or is it Weebly?

For those who have not yet used any such engine at all, we recommend choosing Weebly over Wix, as it offers a better visual arrangement of the site, the possibility to have more choice for less money (especially, in apps) & it does not require a powerful laptop or desktop computer to work within its shell as Wix tool requires. Also, it is possible to establish an online spot with bigger ease & not to be overwhelmed with too many offered tools. It is significantly better in e-commerce but it is practically on the same level in the drag-and-drop, visual perfection & the speed of creation. However, using Wix’s ADI service, you make an online spot just for a couple of minutes, which is convenient to start super fast.

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