Wix Review

  1. Wix Rating: 4.9

    4.7out of 5

    Wix is used by over 100 million people across 190 different countries. It’s an affordable, easy and hassle-free way of creating your own website in a matter of minutes.

Wix is ​​one of the most popular services for quickly creating websites. It currently has a user base of 180 million people from over 80 countries.


The first thing that impresses users in this website builder is its intuitive interface and the ability to get comprehensive hints on any issue of the service, which is especially useful for people without any experience in building websites.




Before creating your site, you have to go through the standard registration procedure. On the main page, click the "Create a site" or "Login" button in the right corner and then "Create an account."

You can register through either your Google or Facebook account.

When registering, specify the following information:

  • E-mail address;
  • Repeat e-mail;
  • Come up with a password, it is desirable that it includes capital letters (written in Latin) and numbers;
  • Repeat the combination.


After filling in the fields, tap "Create an account".

The service provides the ability to log in via Facebook (click on the appropriate button, specify a password, login from a social network account) or Google Mailbox.


Simplicity of Use

Wix is ​​definitely one of the most innovative and easy-to-use website builders. Developers are constantly introducing advanced features and updated solutions to make the website builder simple and interesting for their users. This website builder uses a drag and drop editor that supports inline editing, providing a full WYSIWYG experience. You can move each component on your home page and product pages with a simple drag and drop. Thus, you do not need to worry about messing with the code to make your settings. You also get a beautiful taskbar at the top to publish or save your work, ensuring that you do not lose anything.


Five buttons to the left of the toolbar allow you to change pages, add components, design elements, and go to the application market. There is also a special button for wix website builder review stores, which is extremely useful for quickly checking orders, customers and inventory.


At the beginning, the interface may seem a bit complicated, since you are provided with many different functions and tools with all possible parameters for customization. However, after a few minutes of training (usually doesn’t take more than half an hour to adjust), everything will really become intuitive.


Here are some other factors as to why Wix’s popularity keeps growing bigger and bigger every year:

  • Universality - on Wix you can create a business card, a blog, an online store, as well as a lot of other stuff;
  • Simple visual editor. The best description for him is “intuitive”. This means that mastering the editor does not require training. All elements are easily added, edited and deleted with just a few clicks of your mouse;
  • Optimization for mobile devices. Patterns look equally good on different platforms.


This website builder will help you create a website using the intelligent Wix ADI system. Based on the information provided by the user, it offers a specific laout. It is only necessary to answer a few questions and confirm the correctness of the information that artificial intelligence will discover on its own. The resulting layout can be edited like any other template. The difference is that it will initially be created for your company, that is, you will have to barely make any changes.


If Wix ADI is a tool to simplify development, then Wix Code will make the site more functional due to programming skills. After you active Wix Code- an arrow will appear in the editor, if you click on it, a list of pages will open up.  The last three items in the list allow you to add JavaScript code and databases to the site. JavaScript can be used to create your own applications; databases - to collect user data and the formation of dynamic pages.


Databases can be applied to any item. Without going into technical details: this will allow, for example, to conduct polls, create dynamic galleries with random image output, display different data on the page depending on conditions, adjust the schedule, etc.


As a reward, the webmaster receives his own resource, which looks quite professional.

Who Would Benefit From Wix?

Wix service is ideal for:

  • Small companies that need to create a simple business card site;
  • Users who can not afford to order the development of the site for money;
  • Professional photographers who want to create their own Wix portfolio. Wix sites have very high quality graphics;
  • For those who do not want to learn anything about html-markup, but want to manage their website without any extra effort.


Due to the large catalog of templates offered by wix.com, anyone can choose the most appropriate design according to the direction of their activity and then edit it at their discretion in just a few clicks.


Wix Pricing

Wix is ​​available to you for free. You get up to 500 MB of disk space and up to 1 GB of traffic with a free account. Despite a number of inconveniences, which include primarily the awkward domain name format <username> .wix.com / <site_name> and unobtrusive advertising that will be shown on your pages, it is still nice, because it allows you to spend some time checking it out to see if it meets your needs before you decide. There is no time limit on how long you can use the free version, so there is no pressure on you. In addition, the number of free templates and applications in Wix AppMarket is enough to create fully functional pages and free use of the service.


Wix has several premium packages. Packages offer access to more features and connect your domain. If you buy a premium package for a year, you can save up to 50% during the promotion and get a domain as a gift if you pay annual tariffs starting from Combo - only for the first year, after you renew the domain for a fee. Each site has a separate premium.

When buying a premium plan, Wix offers you a return guarantee - a 14-day trial period to test their functions, which completely eliminates the financial risk for you.

All in all, there are four different tariffs to choose from:

  • Connect domain (5.95 $ / month) - does not remove Wix ads, but allows you to connect your domain. Gives 500 MB of disk space;
  • Combo ($ 10.95 / month) - 3 GB of space and bandwidth of 2 GB;
  • Unlimited ($ 15.95 / month) - removes ads, gives 10 GB of disk space, unlimited site bandwidth, as well as Google AdWords voucher for $ 75;
  • eCommerce ($ 19.90 / month) - 20 GB of space, 10 GB of website bandwidth and the presence of a shopping cart.


If you need to create a business card site or blog, then the possibilities provided by the Combo tariff plan will be enough. For a corporate website or a high-traffic information portal, it is necessary to select the Unlimited tariff already. If you want to create an online store, then there is only one option - eCommerce plan. Connect Domain tariff, in fact, has only one nice function - the connection of the second-level domain to the site. Besides, it doesn’t remove all of the advertisement, so it seems like an unreasonable choice.


Prices are not that high, given the amount of of delicious bonuses that you get. In addition, the system regularly holds promotions that give the right to receive a direct discount on the tariff, sometimes reaching up to 50%.

Wix Pros and Cons


  • A great number of applications in the official catalog of the Wix App Market;
  • Convenient, simple and intuitive interface;
  • A lot of custom templates. In fact, over 500. If you do not know graphics programs and need help in creating a beautiful design, the prepared WIX templates will come in handy at the beginning of your work on the site. The website has a large selection of free images directly in the editor, you can change photos and icons of templates right away;
  • Wix supports most popular languages;
  • You can create an unlimited number of sites on one Wix account;
  • Function to copy the site with all the content;
  • After the end of the tariff, the site and its contents are not deleted;
  • Templates and website optimized for mobile devices;
  • Embedded CRM with contacts, accounts, tasks, auto-mailings;
  • Embedded marketing tools: SEO-master, newsletters, posts for social networks, integration of various analytics systems;
  • There is a Wix support forum and email, help is available everywhere - they have placed the Help buttons both in the editor and the account. You can click on the main Wix help button at the top of the page, or in the editor. Each element on the website has its own unique help button - this is very useful, when you need help directly on a specific component, you don’t have to search through the help database. This will save you a lot of time;
  • Free tariff available that lets you create your own website;
  • Constantly updated, a number of new features all the times;
  • The template can be changed at any time;
  • Postponed publication of news;
  • Tools for SEO - meta tag editor, built-in statistics, Yandex.Metrics and Google Analytics;
  • Branded mailbox based on Mail.ru;
  • amoCRM integrations;
  • The ability to work separately on desktop and mobile templates;
  • The ability to add an HTML code to the page;
  • An online store control panel through which you can track orders, receive payments and manage delivery;



  • The visual editor in the designer is resource-intensive and can slow down the browser;
  • The most inexpensive “Connect Domain” tariff is pointless to buy, as it does not provide significant advantages, plus it does not turn off Wix advertising and you won’t be able to use favicons;
  • There is no possibility to export the site, although you can contact third-party developers;
  • Once you have chosen a template to use, you cannot switch to another template;
  • Not designed to manage complex e-commerce needs - if you want to make an online store, Wix wouldn’t be the best choice to help you fully manage your store;
  • The inconvenient domain name provided for a free account;
  • A wide range of applications in the AppMarket. Some are made carelessly and work with errors, although in general the store deserves the highest marks.

Wix Ratings




Ease of use


Wix editor is very easy to use. You can add elements such as text and images in seconds using the menu on the left to create new pages and even manage application integration:

Choice and flexibility of design (templates)


More than 500 beautiful and professional templates for different branches of business - you will find the one that suits your needs.


You will have to deal with avertisment if you use the free version of the site or “Connect Domain” tariff.



There are 16 languages to choose from, meaning that Wix is a truly international site that cares about visitors from all around the world.




Your own domain name (e.g. .com or .net)


You can create your own domain name as long as you have “Combo” or any higher tariffs purchased;

Depth of navigation


There are two levels, which is ok for small websites, but clearly not enough if you want to build a big online store.

Widgets (small tools to add extra functionality)


Wix has a great number of apps and widgets to choose from in all areas.



Another great thing about this website builder. As long as you have your own website, you can actually earn on it with Wix. You can place ads and whoever follows your link and buys a Wix Premium tariff will give you up to 80 dollars from every sale.



ECommerce is one of the best  plans are for creating online stores. It costs $ 17 per month.The eCommerce plan comes with a free domain for a year, several interesting advertising vouchers for marketing your website, two premium add-ons for free and 20GB for storage. If you need to save some money for your startup or small business, this price is one of the best in business, ahead options like Shopify and Squarespace.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Wix has a very useful tool that should appeal to beginners. It’s called “SEO Wiz” (it is available in the “Management” section). Here you can customize SEO parameters using step-by-step instructions so as not to miss important nuances. You can additionally install applications from AppMarket for tracking statistics and other various tools for capturing system functionality, such as applications for integration in the field of marketing and social networking, email settings, pop-up windows, callbacks and online consultants buttons.



With Wix, you can easily add a blog. The blogging engine allows you to schedule blog posts, add the “Favorite posts” section, add a tag cloud, show comments from Facebook and even create a custom feed.

Visitor statistics


You would have to install Google Analytics before you could actually view it.

Contact form


Standard contact form.

Password protection


Wix does everything possible to protect their users from fraud. Same goes for password protection

Newsletter tool


There is a “ShoutOut” tool, that serves as a newsletter app.

Add HTML code


The design can be changed beyond recognition by adding widgets, horizontal stripes with any content, inserting HTML code and pinning useful elements on the page. If none of the templates fit, you can build a page from scratch.

Storage space

50 GB

50 GB is the maximum disk space you can get as of now.

Backups & Restore


You can restore any previous version of the site. There is a special section for that called “Site History”.



No Chat

Yes Email

Yes Telephone

Wix provides free 24-hour technical support, premium support for customers with paid tariffs,, and priority support for customers with a VIP rate. The official knowledge base contains many questions and answers, training articles and videos on creating a website on Wix. You can find a ready answer or ask a new question on the official forum.

Fun Factor


Wix users have everything they need to create websites. It’s great for both newbies who are creating their first site and for experienced users who have the option to build a website from the scratch.

Overall Rating


Wix is ​​one of the best website builders. It has attractive templates, freedom of creativity, ability to change the layout beyond recognition, a rich choice of applications, thanks to which you can build a functional blog, or even a small forum.



At the beginning of its development, Wix placed its servers in data centers in the USA, Europe and Australia. However, since 2014, the company has transferred all of its platforms to Amazon cloud hosting. Thus, it does not matter in which country the user is creating the site - it will be available worldwide at the same speed.


Each new website created is automatically stored on Wix cloud hosting and receives a free plan, 500 MB disk space and 1 GB of bandwidth. This is more than enough to test all the functions of site builder. Let's check how fast Wix hosting is and how fast websites created by regular users load. As we know the download speed is not only user-friendly, but also one of the most important factors for search engines.


I created a new site on a free plan for this purpose. To make the experiment as honest as possible, the site consisted of one blank page to avoid the influence of content and graphics on the results of speed.


Test results showed that the average download time for a Wix hosting site in the USA, Europe and Australia was about 2.46 seconds. The result is pretty good for a web page created on a website builder.

Wix Security

Wix’s main goal is to provide 100% security and make sure that none of your data gets stolen.  Wix complies with the security standard (PCI DSS (Data Security Standards)) of the payment card industry and works with the SSL system (Secure Socket Layer) - a system that encrypts and hides the data of your payment card. Wix is accredited as a first-level provider and service provider 1.


Wix Templates

Wix provides users with more than 500 ready-made templates with beautiful designs for various business areas and branches of human activity. You can spend half an hour just by looking at them. You can click on the "Preview" button and get lost in doubts which one is better. They are made differently, both in terms of structure and in terms of used graphic solutions, but they are all beautiful in their own way.

You can select templates in the following categories:

  • Business
  • Online store
  • Photo
  • Video
  • Music
  • Design
  • Eating
  • Traveling and tourism
  • Developments
  • Portfolio
  • Blogs and forums
  • Health
  • Fashion and beauty
  • Education and culture


Each category is divided into many subcategories, which makes it easier to find the desired template. In addition, templates can be sorted by new, popular, or you can select empty templates, without images and unnecessary design elements.


There is a separate category of templates for landing pages, which is pretty exciting. It’s pretty annoying to redraw the menu and the structure of standard templates to get a suitable one-page.


In general, customization of templates is given great attention. There are both standard things like changing the background, and some other very interesting features. For example, you can connect your own fonts, if the number of the fonts introduced seems small to you. For any element, you can customize effects, borders, indents, even animation can be done. Work with the structure of the site is generally not limited to any framework. You can add empty sections, and place widgets, separate buttons, shapes, animations, text, photos, sliders, forms - anything. The local cinemagraphs look interesting - they are something between GIF and video. They are easiest to compare with live wallpapers on mobile devices - the smooth, unobtrusive movement of one or more image elements looks beautiful. To design your own logo, you can use Wix logo Maker - a branded smart logo designer.


Any element on the site can be configured for a huge number of parameters. In this regard, the service creates a sense of freedom, similar to that experienced coders experience when editing a site. A huge number of possibilities are realized here through the usual menus and sliders, which is wonderful, because you don’t have to know how to edit the code or do any stuff like that. There are combinations of hot keys for most system functions.


The choice of thematic design

If you want to change the structure of the selected stock template, then you will to get the “Strip” widget. This is an analogue of a block (empty or with content), a building material. You can add it, and place any widgets with content - forms, images, text, tabs, video player or something else. You can even choose an empty template and start from scratch to design its structure and content - it will be even easier for designers. By the way, in terms of site design, you can can count on a solid set of vector graphics - hundreds of free images of various subjects that can be added to the site, giving them the right size, proportions, color and degree of transparency. You can find them in the "Add Graphics" section.

In addition, you can go directly to the newly added or popular templates, which will also help facilitate the selection. All of them templates are free, so you can choose any. However, you should choose wisely: after making your decision, you will not be able to change the design.


Search Engine Optimization

In terms of the availability of search engine optimization tools, Wix looks great. Technically, it provides the same features as most site builders. No worse and no better. But the optimization settings interface is very convenient and friendly. It is aimed at people who understand little in terms of SEO.  Each item contains a short description of what kind of data it should be filled with, so it is difficult to get confused.

There is a special master available for each site through with the help of "Management" - "SEO-master." Here after the publication of the site (this can be done immediately and for free) you can go through several steps that will help you position the project for search engines correctly.


Seo Settings

Site editor allows you to manually adjust the SEO parameters for each page: title, description, keywords and CNC in the “Pages” category. It is also possible to hide individual pages from search engines, which can be useful at times. Another remarkable thing, is that you can immediately see how your site will look in search results by clicking the "look in the search engine."


You should understand the importance of unique texts. They must meet the stated theme, be interesting to target visitors, as well as be SEO-optimized. You should pick up a list of 3-4 keywords through Yandex.Wordstat and evenly place them in the bodies of the pages.


Also do not forget about the integration with social networks. This factor can significantly accelerate the promotion. In the local AppMarket there are quite a few applications related to social networks (news feeds, buttons, likes, share, comments). In addition, in the “Marketing” section, you can find a lot of useful applications for SEO analytics, organizing mailings, placing callback call buttons, consultants, pop-up forms of given content and other things like that. All of this can increase both conversion and your position in search results.


You should also remember that as long as you have a premium tariff bought, you can connect SSL-protocol for free. It's no secret that Google is more loyal to sites that have a secure connection (HTTPS). That is, the protocol connection can be considered an element of the project search optimization. And in the eyes of HTTPS users with a green lock in the browser row, it inspires more trust by default. So take SSL into service, especially if you have a store. Connection security protocol is absolutely necessary in this case.


Try to use the maximum available tools for site promotion, but do not overdo it. Everything should be appropriate and thought out. If you have a channel on Youtube, find a reason to post some videos on your site. Or create one. Do not forget to include a link to your site, so  viewers could get more detailed information.


In general, Wix not only does not limit the possibilities of effective promotion, but also creates comfortable conditions for it through a thoughtful and rich set of built-in tools. After the publication of the site, do not forget to submit applications for indexing in Google and Yandex. This will speed up the process.


Apps and Extensions

Wix AppStore contains a huge number of applications of various kinds: forms, work with social networks, galleries, applications for the store and marketing. You can add an interactive calendar, email marketing tools, surveys, Dropbox, eCommerce gadgets, SEO tools and other useful tools to help standard designer functionality. All applications are sorted by category. Most of them are developed by the Wix team, the rest, as a rule, are integration of the capabilities of third-party services. Approximately half of the applications are completely free, and the rest have both a free use option and a paid one with additional features.


All new applications will also be added to the control panel for quick and easy access in the future. Most applications are designed and presented similarly to the interface of the website builder- stylistically, and they are very easy to use.

Here are some of the most popular and useful apps that Wix has to offer:

360° photo

If you have a tourist project or you plan to post photos of the interior on the site, then check out this creative tool. It allows you to upload 360 ° panoramic images to the pages.

This app will add an interactive component to your project + will produce a WOW effect on many users. The module is completely free and works great on mobile devices. Photo 360 ° is also useful against Wix competitors, because it lets you gain the loyalty of the audience - it is much better to choose a hotel, view interior options or city views with a circular view.

Galleries in Wix

By default, Wix website builder has the ability to add to the page various collections of photos that are decorated in the form of a gallery. For these purposes, use the second “+” icon in the left menu, and then select the “Add Gallery” item.


In the list of valid objects you will find:

  • Regular galleries with round, square, rhombic previews, arranged in different sequences, with and without captions;
  • Panoramic views (collage, mosaic, shop window);
  • Sliders - automatically change photos with all sorts of options;
  • Display images with 3D effects.

For each option there is a bunch of settings - starting from choosing the photos themselves, setting the number of columns, the form of the elements, opening the photo in a new window, etc.

If you feel like there aren’t enough basic functions, you can install one of the Wix App applications. For example:

  1. Wix Pro Gallery - more advanced gallery.;
  2. Dropbox Gallery - uploading photos from the Dropbox service;
  3. Impressive Slideshow - slideshow with headers.;
  4. Lumifish - the creation of an element of Chronicle type;
  5. Instagram Feed - displaying photos from Instagram.


Wix Video

Create a full-fledged movie portal using this application by adding video from a computer or popular services.

In addition to the usual display of clips on the site there are many interesting things, such as: sharing, video rental and sale, channel subscription, etc. You can activate the last function before viewing, which will increase the user base. In the premium version you will have access to additional 100GB of space + online store for related products.


There is support for 360 ° video and streaming broadcasts. In short, you get a full-fledged video portal with content monetization, when 100% of the income will go directly to you (without intermediaries like YouTube).


Wix Form Designer


It’s hard to imagine a site without a feedback form. In addition to the main function of feedback, it can also used to send online orders, subscribe to the newsletter, register for an event, etc.


It also allows you to:

  • Indicate the subject of the form: registration, feedback, evaluation, subscription, application, etc.;
  • Determine the layout of the design: alignment, the width of the elements, the position of the label;
  • Choose a color solution form;
  • Save the results to Wix contacts (if you have a premium membership, you can send them directly to MailChimp, Google calendar or disk).


Contact Collection

If you need to build a subscriber database on your site, then you should think about installing this plugin.

In addition to supporting basic Wix contacts, there is integration with the popular MailChimp mailing service (unlike the previous version, it is free).


123 Form Builder

The application adds custom interactive forms to the site page. At the discretion of the webmaster it can be an order form, a questionnaire, a quiz, a vote, registration or feedback.


Web-Stat Analytics

The application is a statistics counter that you can customize at your discretion. Among the advanced options, there is an interesting opportunity to include or exclude the account of your own visits, as well as user visits by user agent, IP or referrer. The function of sending statistics to the mail at specified intervals is also available.


Professional Planner


A powerful tool for managing events in real time. The application has many options - registration, meetings, appointments, sending messages and callback requests.

The scheduler supports integration with the Google-calendar and Outlook, the differentiation of access rights and work with different time zones.


Easy Magazine

This application automatically collects third-party content by the specified parameters. You can select posts, social networking buttons, as well as a lot of other stuff.

You can customize all the nuances of displaying content - from the background to the color of the texts. To set your own parameters, you need to create an application account.


Wonder Search

The application for organizing a search on the site with advanced visual design.

It gives you the ability to receive calls and emails directly from search results and much more. There is a demo mode, that provides you with 50 trial requests per month.


Wix Hotels

An application for owners of travel or hotel business. It provides search and reservation of hotel rooms from the pages of the site.

Rollover Image

An application for processing photos of the site that adds advanced visual effects.

A lot of settings will help to convey information to visitors in a beautiful mobile form - pop-up messages, captions.


Customer Support

Wix offers a very user-friendly interface, lots of tutorials and tips. Each editable element in your design includes a question mark - just click on it for more information and practical tips. This is very useful, since you don’t need to search the library of support articles, as appropriate help is just a click away. If you have any serious problems that you cannot fix yourself, you can always visit their Help Center or Forum.


Help Center has a search bar so you can quickly find exactly what you are looking for. Below the search bar are numerous categories that allow you to easily navigate to a specific topic that you may be interested in.


The information base contains numerous practical videos and step-by-step tutorials written in simple language. You can also call or send an email to the company.


Wix Promo Codes and Promotions

This website builder often holds promotions lasting from a couple of days to a month, knocking down the Wix cost of tariff plans to 50%. Discounts apply when paying for annual plans. What do you need to participate? Just seize the moment. As soon as there is a promotion available, you will receive an email.


Wix is ​​a reliable website builder with a flawless reputation and over 100 million active users. Its most positive aspects are: an excellent selection of templates, ease of use and versatility. You can create a website of any type that you need - from the landing page to an online store with thousands of daily visitors.


Examples of Sites Built With Wix

  1. https://www.tverkonfi.ru/

  2. http://ilovepatchwork.ru/

  3. https://www.madebyhands.com.ua/

  4. https://www.bezldesign.com/

  5. https://www.mysticmagiconline.co.uk/

  6. https://www.thefishfactory.ru/

  7. https://www.artmesto.com/

  8. https://www.kemstom.net/

  9. http://www.arhtour.com/

  10. https://www.mariomorenophotography.com/

  11. https://www.bentopevents.com/

  12. https://www.drewsturge.com/

  13. https://www.liran-vardiel.com/

  14. https://hiliari.com/

  15. https://www.shebuildsbrands.com/

  16. https://www.gruvijuices.com/

  17. https://www.gruvijuices.com/

  18. https://www.frenchknotstudios.com/

  19. https://www.celebrateeshop.com/

  20. https://www.siansummerhayes.com/


What People Think About Wix

  1. A good website builder that allows you to create fantastic Wix websites and do it with ease;

  2. I was choosing between a lot of website builders, but decided to go with Wix. With its help I discovered new possibilities for building my site. Wix gives you the ability to select a template for your site, provides you with a lot of plug-ins, adding buttons, user-friendly interface, as well as convenient and excellent training. There is also the possibility of obtaining a free domain, which is very good. Anyone new can build a website for themselves. By choosing this website builder, you can assume that you have already made your own website;

  3. I really like Wix, because you can easily create a website without special programming skills. It’s also very easy to use. I made my own website in three hours and was really pleased. It also has many free features and other useful and interesting services and services. 24/7 customer support is also pretty nice;

  4. I am an advanced specialist in the IT industry, but not really familiar with WEB design. The results of my site (created with the help of this website builder) exceeded all my expectations. It is:

  • Intuitively easy;

  • Has a huge selection of content and functionality;

  • Excellent technical support with comprehensive answers;

  • Interesting blog;

  • Fair pricing.

Best Wix Alternatives

  • uKit;

  • Tilda;

  • Wordpress;

  • Weebly;

  • GoCentral;

  • Squarespace;

  • Shopify;

  • Jimdo;

  • Bigcommerce;

  • IM Creator.


Wix Customer Reviews


How to change Wix template?

In order to change a template, click "Edit" and go to design mode. Management of design elements is carried out through the menu and using the mouse cursor. On the left are buttons that open access to editing:

  • Site structure - "Menu and pages";

  • Background - added photos, videos, images, materials from other resources;

  • Adding various elements, starting with a text frame, ending with promotional boxes, users, charts;

  • Installation of services: WIX Music, Bandsintown, Instagram Feed, which facilitate the work with information;

  • Downloads - import video, photos, fonts, audio, documents.


Navigate through the project pages, manage them using the menu at the top of the designer. The “Site” tab contains the functions of saving, publishing, connecting a domain, tariff plan.

Here you can see the history of the site, as well as increase the sharpness of images. In the Tools tab, rulers, borders are activated, elements are centered.

All editing is carried out directly on the site. To change the text or image just click on it. To move - drag the item with the mouse.


How to add google analytics to Wix?

Step 1. Get Google Analytics tracking code:

  1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account;

  2. Click Admin: at the top of the page;

  3. Click Tracking Code in the Resource section;

  4. Click  Tracking Code  in the drop down menu;

  5. Copy the code in the Tracking ID field.


Step 2. Add Google analytics code:

  1. Go to the Integration tab;

  2. Select Google Analytics and click Next;

  3. In the upper right corner, click Connect Google Analytics;

  4. Enter your Google Analytics tracking code;

  5. Check the box Anonymity of IP addresses so that Google does not save the IP addresses of visitors to your site;

  6. Click Save.


How to get Wix Premium for free?

That’s impossible unless they will have such promotions in the future. You can take a look at some other promotions in our review.


How to change domain name on wix?

  • First of all, you will have to add the new domain to your account by either purchasing a domain from Wix, connection, or transferring it to Wix;

  • Click on the domain and tap the Change button;

  • Click on Assign;

  • Connect domain2.com and disconnect domain1.com;

  • Click Continue.


How often does Wix have sales?

They do have sales pretty often, because they actually care about customers and try to do everything to help them feel better.


How to make money with Wix?

There are a lot of ways to make money with Wix. We will review just a few:

  • Start blogging;

  • Start selling digital product;

  • Earn on advertising;

  • Affiliate Marketing;

  • Dropshipping


Wix Code

Wix Code allows you to do the customization of the site or web application as it sees fit.  Wix Code allows you to develop your own tools to manage the site, fine-tune its work, create dynamic content with an interactive component, design and use databases, analyze information received from the user, and actively use content from the WIX Market.


Key features of Wix Code:

  • Database collections. This is a powerful tool for collecting data about users, storage site content. Using the database it is possible to use the accumulated data anywhere on the site;

  • Dynamic pages. The key advantage of such pages in their lightning-fast speed, no matter how complex the site design is;

  • API support. Using the Wix API, the webmaster can connect third-party APIs that further extend the functionality of the site;

  • You can create custom design web forms. This is a powerful tool for conducting surveys, various quizzes and similar methods to attract and retain the user's attention.


Is Wix really as mobile-friendly?

Yes, you can do a lot of stuff on your mobile with Wix. In fact, you can change the colors, background, and edit some other stuff with your mobile Wix editor. You can also hide some of the content so it doesn’t disturb you from work. It is also worth mentioning that you can insert your phone number, so when one of the customers taps on it, he will automatically call you. It sure is a unique feature. Hopefully you liked our review. Be sure to give Wix a try.

  1. 4.7out of 5

    Even beginners should have definitely heard their names - these are the globally-known Squarespace and Wix. 
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    A quick summary before we start: we’ve found that in the opposition of Wix vs Weebly 2020
  5. 4.7out of 5

    WordPress vs. Wix does not appear to be a smooth decision, particularly, if a person is a newcomer in creating sites.
  6. Shopify Rating: 4.7

    4.7out of 5

    Shopify is the best ecommerce platform on the market today. It’s designed to help people build their own, scalable online store with hundreds of built-in features, and tons of apps.
  7. Big Cartel Rating: 2.9

    2.9out of 5

    BigCartel is the only ecommerce builder where you can set up a store and sell online for free. BigCartel is good for small businesses who aren’t looking to scale up soon.
  8. Weebly Rating: 4.1

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    Weebly eCommerce is a solid choice for building a functional online store - its reasonable prices and good range of features means you get amazing value for your money with its ecommerce plans.
  9. 3dCart Rating: 3.7

    3.7out of 5

    3dcart is an ecommerce website builder offering lots of in-built features, but little creative control. Compared to other platforms, it’s difficult to use. But it does have way more payment options.
  10. BigCommerce Rating: 4.2

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    BigCommerce is a top ecommerce platform which allows you to create an online store. It lets you set up your store, add products, and make money through your website.